Tuesday, 29 March 2011

The Meaning of Each Tarot Card - The Two of Cups

You've only got to look at the two of cups to know it's a lovely card. It warms the cockles of your heart! It is also a fairly straight-forward tarot card to interpret too as it is about love and bonding, of either new romance of a deepening of existing connections. If you are unsure of someone's feelings and this card comes up, be unsure no more!

Very often, I see trust in this card too and it can indicate that you can put your faith in someone and know that they won't hurt you. This can apply to romantic relationships but also friendships and business dealings.

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Tarot reading for the day

It's a lovely calm, warm Sunday afternoon and I have just done a lovely reading for a lovely lady. It was an absolute pleasure to talk to such a kind and open soul, it really was.

The reason that I enjoyed it so much is because she was so willing to take every opportunity that the cards were offering her and to apply their wisdom as much as she could. This may sound obvious but sometimes it can be hard to be that open-minded, particularly when you feel like the tarot is criticising you! But, often without telling me what the details were (which is perfect), she would acknowledge what the cards were showing her and got busy thinking of the changes she could make.

For this beautiful lady, it happened to be about money. But this approach can apply to any tarot reading at all - it's about about stretching yourself, allowing the tarot to guide you towards what you are capable of doing. This will take knowing yourself well or having the courage to start this journey. But remember, you always have somewhere to turn if you wobble from time to time, the tarot will help you get back on course. And also, the tarot would not recommend you do something that was not truly right for you.

This is what my lady this morning was so open to. I thought her very wise and brave!

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

The meaning of each tarot card - The ace of cups

The ace of cups is an absolutely lovely card and the meaning of this card is almost always pretty pure in my experience. It's a card of inspiration and of abundance, never ending possibilities and also for some, fertility. So whatever you are focused on, when you see this card there are going to be some pretty good outcomes!

It's worth bearing in mind that it's a card of emotions and so that a positive frame of mind is always a good starting point. If you believe, you will see the possibilities so much more easily so don't be afraid to have a little faith.

Monday, 7 March 2011

The meaning of each tarot card - The king of Wands

I love seeing the King of Wands come up in a tarot reading! It particularly cheers me when I see it relating to someone looking for love as this card represents a good, kind man who values the home and his family. So stability and the pleasures of love that you can rely on show very strongly here.

Sometimes though, this card can mean that you need to be a little more open-minded and to see things from a much wider perspective so just bear this in mind if you feel it's appropriate.

Monday, 28 February 2011

Today's tarot reading

My reading this morning brought forward some interesting issues and they're ones that I have seen often enough to warrant it being a more general point! So reading of the day it is :)

The lady I read for this morning had met someone recently, spoken to him a few times and decided that she really liked him. She felt that he might be the one for her. And being the soppy romantic that I am I thought, "hooray"! The cards were very positive around this man and I think there is a going to be something really good between them. So what could possibly be the problem, you ask?

The problem really came about in the questions that the querant started to ask me and the expectations that seemed to rise within her throughout the reading. She was so excited about what was showing to be happening that it seemed to unlock many of her unspoken dreams and desires. Nothing wrong with that. But it did quickly become obvious that she craved this man being the answer to her prayers and her dreams and this can obviously lead to disappointment - which was my major concern. He seemed a good man, a sensitive man, a caring man. But can he be her version of perfection? No.

Wishful thinking is such a double edged issue. It's good to have something to hope for, it gives you your spark and keeps you motivated when life is hard. It would be a terrible world if we all lost this ability. But it should never get in the way of being realistic. And actually, sometimes (in ways we don't always realise) reality is good enough!

Thursday, 24 February 2011

The meaning of each tarot card - The Queen of Wands

The Queen of Wands is a very noble, powerful figure but one who appreciates what's truly important in life. There is a wonderful energy of people around her - friends or family. So when you see this card, it's important to consider who you have around you and to try to build connections or work on strengthening them. It may even be a kick up the backside to get you making new friends if this would help your current situation!

Also consider communication and whether you are talking enough about your true feelings. The Queen of Wands is confident in how she deals with those around her and does not let fear get in the way of saying what's what.

Monday, 21 February 2011

The meaning of each tarot card - The Knight of Wands

Be prepared for a bit of a whirlwind of activity when the Knight of Wands rides into town! He does like to keep active and you should too when you see this card as it means that you need to either keep up with what's going on or rise out of the doldrums. This card can also mean that you will see a time of instability too so you should be prepared to be flexible and make changes to your plans whenever necessary.

But don't worry at all when you see this card, it very often turns out that shake everything up only for it to and in the right place in the end :)