Thursday, 29 April 2010

The meaning of each tarot card - The Star

Where its preceding card, the Tower, is all doom and gloom, tarot card number 17 is the hope and renewal of the shining Star. It brings signs of growth and a fresh possible start in your life, so it can also mean healing if you've been through difficult times. There is also encouragement in this card for you to reach beyond what you think you are capable of and to focus on fulfilling your dreams once again. Everything and anything is possible with the Star. 

There is another side to this card in that it can let you know that you need protection in your life. It may be emotional or spiritual so seek out the company of people you trust until you are strong enough to fight off negative influences. 

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The meaning of each tarot card - The Tower

The Tower card of the tarot is card number 16, and there's no denying it's not always good news. It speaks of turmoil and of negative upheaval, it shows emotions getting out of control and lives being turned upside down. If you see this card, consider the choices and actions you are taking in your life at this time VERY seriously. It could be that you are heading into disaster and need to reconsider. In this sense, I find the Tower card to be immensely helpful! If you can find the courage to make immediate changes in your life, you can avert dark and difficult times. 

But there is another positive side to this feared card in that it shows that after upheaval can come a fresh start. There is nothing permanent about your situation, you will not remain in troubled times forever. Pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and start all over again!

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

The meaning of each tarot card - The Devil

The Devil tarot card is number 15 and understandably, tends to scare people a little. However, there is nothing to worry about with this card, but there is lots to think over. This is a card of insecurities, holding back feelings and letting outside influences control your feelings. So you are being urged to dig deep, to work out the problem and to start to reach out again. Think  carefully on whether you are letting your actions be dictated by fear and anxiety and whether this is helping in the long term. 

The Devil may also showing you that you have been holding onto something for too long. So if it's relevant to your question or your situation, it may be time to consider letting go and moving on. 

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The meaning of each tarot card - Temperance

The Temperance card is tarot card number 14 and is about compromise, balance and fairness. This card will often show at times of stress or when emotions are taking over reason and logic. So it's important to calm yourself and look at ways at coming to a fair deal for all sides. It is a very positive card however and shows you that this is more than possible if you are able to lead the way in a rational and mature manner. 

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Monday, 26 April 2010

The meaning of each tarot card - Death

The Death tarot card is number 13 - but nevertheless is not unlucky for some! This card still manages to worry people but it really can be positive so don't be alarmed! It means that changes are coming and also that changes are very much needed. This card also asks you to think about your past and whether or not you are repeating mistakes in your life, time and time again. If you are, it's time to cleanse your emotions, work through your experiences and move on afresh. 

So if you see this card, it's time to move on. Life has to progress and you must let go and ride with the flow. Trust that you are being taken to a better place and you will start to see the benefits! 

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The meaning of each tarot card - The Hanged Man

The hanged man tarot card is number 12. The symbolism on this card is actually quite straight forward in many ways. This is showing you that now is the time to see things from another point of view! So it could be just generally, it could mean seeing the world from the viewpoint of another person. But it can be surprisingly refreshing to see a situation through a fresh pair of eyes so I feel there is a lot of wisdom in this card. 

The hanged man is also a card of dedication to what you want so there are to be no short cuts here. You should actively try to take time out to try and see how it all looks to you when you're not so narrowly focused. 

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Thursday, 22 April 2010

The meaning of each tarot card - Justice

Tarot card number 11 is the Justice card. There is a nobility about this card, an air of righteousness. It indicates that you need to seek out all the facts about your current situation and your assessment of what you find MUST be impartial. Don't let favour your own point of view.

If you are going through a time of injustice such as bullying or harassment then this card brings cause to breath a sigh of relief. It isn't going to be easy, but you will be able to successfully overcome these problems and leave them behind you. Similarly, if you are going through a court case or even just an ongoing argument with someone, this card shows you that a resolution is on its way. 

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If you're going to be anything, please be nice!

I was a bit upset yesterday. I know I shouldn't have been, but somehow I couldn't fight the feelings off. The reason for this was actually someone I  started to do a tarot reading (via text so was faceless) for and after my first message to her, she replied "f**k off"!

At first I was quite confused. I reread what I'd sent her and could see nothing negative about it at all. It's possible that she hadn't been able to place what I'd said within her life but to be honest, this happens quite a lot and it doesn't usually take more than a few minutes to find the source of the energies. 

But no - I was subjected to an unjustified and horrible comment. Which, once I'm out of this slightly stressful period of my life I will see the funny side of I'm sure :) However, I did just want to say something about it. We live in an increasingly rude and disrespectful society where insults and self-aggrandising has taken the place of kindness and humility. The more anonymous the encounter, the more people feel licensed to needlessly abuse.

From the point of view of energies, it is a more serious matter. The energies we send out into the world are what we receive back. So for everyone projecting anger and hatred out into the world, they are getting this sent back to them and it only serves to increase their unhappiness. Surely we can aim for more than this? 

So, to everyone, spread a little happiness and be nice to someone today. 

Thank you :)

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

The meaning of each tarot card - The Wheel of Fortune

Tarot card number 10 is the Wheel of Fortune - and who doesn't jump for joy when they see this card! It is as positive as it sounds and speaks of good fortune coming your way, enjoying a stroke of luck or seeing a difficult situation turn full circle and go back to being good again. So it is always a delight when this lovely card shows in a reading. If you are in a situation where you feel everything needs to change, that a total overhaul of your life is needed, then this is the card to hope to see. It will tell you that the time is right and that you should waste no time in getting these changes up and running.

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Monday, 19 April 2010

The meaning of each tarot card - The Hermit

The Hermit card, card number 9 in the tarot set, is a mysterious card at first glance. It has a feel of inner thought and isolation, of the path to self discovery. And indeed, it can mean just that. However, this card also can mean seeking advice from others, particularly someone you feel understands the situation well. What is important with the Hermit card is that you should take a step back and think over your approach. Are you seeing things are they really are? Are you acting on past experiences, good or bad? Do you think emotions are driving your actions when they shouldn't? 

Important questions and ones that it does you no harm to ask yourself when you see this card. Ultimately, there is hope. The light of the hermit's lamp lights the way forwards and guides you safely onwards. 

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The meaning of each tarot card - Strength

For card number 8, we have Strength. I find this to be a very encouraging card that reassures you that whatever you are going through, you have what it takes to come through. It helps you to see that you have resolve and dignity. It shows you that you will not crumble under the pressure. It shows you can turn your feelings around to those of optimism and hope. So if you are going through a traumatic time, this card should be a relief. 

However, there is another side to this card. If you are starting a new relationship or your question is around love matters, this card can indicate very strong feelings are building or still evident. While both interpretations are positive, it is this second one that may be better received in the short term! 

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The meaning of each tarot card - The Chariot

Card number 7 in the tarot deck is the Chariot. If you look at this strong image, you will see that the chariot is being pulled along by two sphinxes, 1 black and 1 white. There are choices around this card, if you see this card in a reading you are likely to feel yourself being pulled on two different directions. But there is more to it than that! This card is also one of confidence and faith in yourself. In striving to have this inner belief, you will find you consequently find it easier to navigate yourself through life's more troublesome choices. 

So whatever problems or dilemmas you are facing, this card shows you that you need to prevent doubts and emotions from overwhelming you. The path forwards will then become all the more clear to you. 

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Thursday, 15 April 2010

The meaning of each tarot card - The Lovers

The Lovers card is number 6 in the tarot deck. And who doesn't want to see this card come up in their reading?! It does in fact represent love, attraction, affection and a deep bond. It can show you that someone new is coming into your life or that an existing relationship will see improvements. But it does not always relate to matters of the heart so this is very much a card that you need to look at in context of the surrounding cards. 

You may need to look at upcoming commitments in general and look to see whether you are dedicating yourself as you should be. I also find this card comes up when you are too focused on a small aspect of your life, or a small handful of people, and that it's time to open things up a little more. 

But overall, this is a card of harmony, of using your instincts and enjoying the beautiful things in life. So for most, it's a sight for sore eyes every time. 

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Sunday, 11 April 2010

Today's Tarot Reading

I have done a tarot reading this morning for a very lovely lady who is a regular of mine and going through a very long, and very trying access agreement with her ex husband over their daughter. This is of course extremely draining for her and it doesn't seem as if her ex partner is acting in a particularly sensible or reliable way. 

The reason that I wanted to highlight her reading today is because she really seemed to fight the cards. I understand why. She is sick and tired of fighting against her ex and is not feeling as strong as she'd like to. She asked the cards for some guidance on what his actions meant and what she should do about them and it brought a lot of difficult feelings and emotions up for her. Consequently, she started to argue against the advice when in fact what she wanted to do is argue against her ex, to let all her frustrations out. 

Again, I completely understand and I welcome people asking questions and getting as much as possible out of the reading. But it is always worth asking yourself what is really going on if you feel so frustrated by what the cards are showing you. Is it the cards you want to take issue with? Or should you really be saying this to someone in your life? 

Friday, 9 April 2010

The meaning of each tarot card - The Hierophant

The Hierophant card of the tarot deck is number 5 and also known as the Pope. This is a card of traditions and rules and so it could well be warning you that now is not to time to be rebellious. You want to seek out the tried and tested, find wisdom in its purest form. This card is strongly linked, therefore, to all types of education. It could be formal education in that you need to train to advance in life, it may be that you need to try and understand your situation better or it may be that you need to try and look to those around you and accept that you don't always know best.

There is also a romantic side to this card and depending on the other cards and the life situation that you are in, it can be a strong indicator of marriage and family coming up or being of particular importance at this time. 

Whatever you do and whatever your predicament, when you see this card it is probably time to be a little reflective in your thoughts and to look deep at whether you are embracing knowledge as you should. 

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Thursday, 8 April 2010

The meaning of each tarot card - The Emperor

Tarot card number 4 in the deck is the grand Emperor. This is a wonderful card that speaks of the power of wisdom and experience gained through patience. When you see this card come up in your tarot readings, it's time to consider whether you are rushing the matter or if you are not doing enough to make things happen for yourself. For me personally, I see it as my cue to break the situation down, to consider how I can overcome the problem by taking it one step at a time and making it less overwhelming. 

The main reason that this card can be unpopular in readings is that it's a little anti-emotions. Nothing wrong with following your feelings of course, but with the Emperor, it's all about the thinking! It can be tough to do but your rewards will be a clear head and, to the others involved, an appearance of calm and dignity. 

So when this card comes up, slow down and have a good old think about the whole situation and the way you are dealing with things. Don't forget, the tortoise beat the hare to the finish!

Saturday, 3 April 2010

The meaning of each tarot card - The Empress

The Empress card, card number 3 in the tarot deck, is one of contentment, abundance, family and love. When you see this card then it is time to look at your priorities and to think over whether you are putting all of your efforts where they truly count. If you are going through time of instability or uncertainty with your home life, then this card brings you news of some calmer times coming. 

However, this card is not passive in nature. It is always worth it to have a think on your goals in life, even if they are not career orientated. This card shows that you may need to reassess and to find the energy and drive to keep giving things your all. You will see the happiness you want. 

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