Sunday, 11 April 2010

Today's Tarot Reading

I have done a tarot reading this morning for a very lovely lady who is a regular of mine and going through a very long, and very trying access agreement with her ex husband over their daughter. This is of course extremely draining for her and it doesn't seem as if her ex partner is acting in a particularly sensible or reliable way. 

The reason that I wanted to highlight her reading today is because she really seemed to fight the cards. I understand why. She is sick and tired of fighting against her ex and is not feeling as strong as she'd like to. She asked the cards for some guidance on what his actions meant and what she should do about them and it brought a lot of difficult feelings and emotions up for her. Consequently, she started to argue against the advice when in fact what she wanted to do is argue against her ex, to let all her frustrations out. 

Again, I completely understand and I welcome people asking questions and getting as much as possible out of the reading. But it is always worth asking yourself what is really going on if you feel so frustrated by what the cards are showing you. Is it the cards you want to take issue with? Or should you really be saying this to someone in your life? 

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