Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Yes or No? It’s More About Affirmative and Negative Actions

Will it happen - yes or no? This is a question I get asked almost daily, but regrettably is one that I am not able to answer. If you have read my post What is Fate?, then you will know a little about the way in which destiny is an ever changing aspect of our lives. So while I would dearly love to give reassuring guarantees of what is to come about, I would be failing in my duties as a tarot reader to do so.

What the cards will show you are your choices, they will guide you through what you need to recognise and address in order to turn the situation around. So it can be helpful to phrase your question more along the lines of scenarios - ‘what can happen if I decide to call him, what are the issues?’

There are times when strong signs of outcomes come through the cards but mostly, we’re looking together at actions you haven’t yet taken. The tarot is showing you that you still have many options open to you.

So, instead of a yes or no, the cards will show you what are potentially positive and negative actions. If he has told you that he wants space, calling him every day would likely show to be a negative action for you. It is showing you that you may obstruct what otherwise is a path still open. And affirmative action may be you calling him in order to be the first one to come forward after a misunderstanding.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again - life is confusing! And to make matters worse, our emotions don’t always lead us to do the right things. If you can be more open in your questions and prepared to adjust your behaviour, the tarot will help you to declutter your mind and clear the way forwards.