Monday, 11 January 2010

What Is Fate?

I did a tarot reading today that meant having to explain some of the ways in which fate works for us and why this meant that the tarot cards were offering different paths and choices rather than definite outcomes. I thought it was worth including here also as it is a very important part of all psychic and mystic matters and central to our beliefs. It can be a little confusing at first but I actually feel it is incredibly liberating and enriches our lives when we come to understand it.

What Is Fate?
The concept of fate is potentially thousands of years old. It was discussed by the ancient Chinese civilisations and Nordic traditions also, both of which are huge influences on current thinking. To say the word ‘fate’ or ‘destiny’ to many conjures up the idea of something static, fixed and unchanging, that it contains a map your life’s path.

However, fate has always been believed to be something that flows and changes in line with your actions, your circumstances and the choices you make as well as the people you meet and opportunities that arise. We are not puppets on strings, being controlled by the higher powers, but rather masters of our own destinies to a very large degree. We have free will.

Core areas of our lives and events may be shown by psychic energies. It is then up to us to make wise decisions based on this information.

Why Have a Tarot Reading?
Using psychic energies, the tarot cards will show you these events and also possible events coming up or those that are around you now. They can also help you with guidance on how to deal with them. For example, the cards may show an upcoming romantic connection with someone that you may be very drawn to but that there are reasons to be cautious. They can help to prepare you to look out for danger signs or to turn the situation around to your benefit.

What they can’t do is carry out these decisions and actions for you. If the cards show a potential love connection coming up around a social event, but you decide not to go, the tarot cannot make this happen for you! So you can see how you play a central role.

Psychic energies and tarot cards also bring the wisdom of the universe to you and the reason this can be so invaluable is because as human beings we are flawed. We are emotional creatures and they have a powerful hold over us. We can get ourselves into some very tricky situations! There are times when the truth is too much to bear and the tarot will sooth you because it gives you alternatives. A relationship may be going through a difficult patch and the tarot can help you to see where your behaviour is contributing to the problems and what you can do to change and get everything back on track.

What Outcomes Can I See In the Tarot?
Because fate is so flexible, in consulting the tarot you can explore different outcomes around different actions. What can happen if I call him? What can happen if I don’t call him? What will happen if I step back and give this time? It provides a wealth of information that we can take away and think about, even using our own instincts to help us determine the best way of moving forwards.

What I feel I must add, as I see this all too often, is that fate, the tarot cards and psychic energies cannot merely provide you with what you want to hear. What we want to see in our futures may not be what is right for us. I see many people in desperate situations such as unhappy marriages and relationships. They are being treated badly and want nothing more than the person they love to change. If the cards shows this will not happen, this may be one of your life’s core events. Sometimes, your actions will simply not be enough to change the other person.

It is at this point that you have to realise that fate is going to remain static and until you can find the strength to admit this to yourself then you will remain unhappy. Accept that fate would not match you with someone who would leave you permanently unhappy. Don’t feel that the cards are against you, they will always be acting in your interests.

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