Sunday, 10 January 2010

Today's Tarot Reading

This morning I did a tarot reading for a lovely, spirited woman but I have to confess I am feeling a little drained now! This is absolutely not her fault but just a consequence of the level of high emotions around her - she is going through such a difficult time. But I what came through for her was that there are lessons to be learned from her experiences and certainly one that the cards showed she was intelligent and savvy enough to learn for herself when the time is right.

It was a love reading and her partner had returned to his ex and child leaving her feeling unloved and used. This is a natural and normal reaction and my heart went out to her. She also had stored up a lot of anger and most of this she directed at the ex partner who, let’s just say, hadn’t exactly been kind to her. A horrible situation and one that affected my client deeply.

However, during the reading it was clear that she was reaching for something that wasn’t necessarily in her best interests. Firstly wanted to make sense of it all, to find the meaning. The cards were showing her that in fact there was no true meaning, there was no great plan behind this. It was a set of events that came together to cause hurt and suffering to all involved. To try to search for answers beyond that was eating away at her.

It is so hard to let go before we are ready and all too often we’re left with a feeling of complete powerlessness. This works away at our confidence and will grind us down if we let it. The lesson the cards were showing my client is that she felt the injured party and the fool now. But time brings change and that she would eventually realise that she would feel both stronger for having come through and lucky for being well out of it all!

Something that is a lesson for all of us in any given situation. In the meantime, be strong and kind to yourself!


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