Monday, 28 February 2011

Today's tarot reading

My reading this morning brought forward some interesting issues and they're ones that I have seen often enough to warrant it being a more general point! So reading of the day it is :)

The lady I read for this morning had met someone recently, spoken to him a few times and decided that she really liked him. She felt that he might be the one for her. And being the soppy romantic that I am I thought, "hooray"! The cards were very positive around this man and I think there is a going to be something really good between them. So what could possibly be the problem, you ask?

The problem really came about in the questions that the querant started to ask me and the expectations that seemed to rise within her throughout the reading. She was so excited about what was showing to be happening that it seemed to unlock many of her unspoken dreams and desires. Nothing wrong with that. But it did quickly become obvious that she craved this man being the answer to her prayers and her dreams and this can obviously lead to disappointment - which was my major concern. He seemed a good man, a sensitive man, a caring man. But can he be her version of perfection? No.

Wishful thinking is such a double edged issue. It's good to have something to hope for, it gives you your spark and keeps you motivated when life is hard. It would be a terrible world if we all lost this ability. But it should never get in the way of being realistic. And actually, sometimes (in ways we don't always realise) reality is good enough!

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