Monday, 1 March 2010

How Important Is Your Question In a Tarot Reading?

The answer to this can be very important but it doesn't have to be!! Confused? It's actually all down to perception and expectations. So what I mean by this is, if you narrow your focus when asking your questions of the tarot, you may also be narrowing how you interpret the answers that come back. And this would be a shame.

My first example of this would be the difference between asking the tarot does John have strong feelings for me? versus Does John think of me when I'm not around? In the first question you have a wider range and if you ask this with an open mind you will not only get interesting insights but also you will get guidance on what your next steps should be. If you ask the second question you will be focusing on the one aspect. Meanwhile the cards will still continue to be looking at the bigger picture! This leads to problems as you may be too inclined to hear what you want to hear.

My second example would be asking questions that seek to get a yes or a no answer. I looked more closely at this in my last post, but I would advise against this as the tarot is so much more exploratory than just affirmatives and negatives. Allow the tarot to open your eyes!

My last example would be to be flexible with timescales, don't fence yourself in. When you are feeling vulnerable or low, it can be easy to want a resolution to your problems as soon as possible. But you must remember that free will is always critical. Actions can change or adjust outcomes. So if you are too dependant on the timescale that's showing in the cards, you may become despondant unneccessarily. Ask instead about, say, important events over the next 6 months or possibilities around certain events.

So essentially, don't try to control your reading too much. Go with the flow and you will actually get a very accurate insight into your situation. I started off by saying that the question is important but does'nt have to be and what this means is, at the end of the day there are no right or wrong question. You will always be given the divine wisdom of the tarot cards however you phrase what you need to know. But just try to be as open as you can be.

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