Saturday, 22 May 2010

The meaning of each tarot card - The 4 of Wands

The 4 of wands is a lovely card! I always smile when I  see it come up in readings as it is almost endlessly positive. It can mean love, marriage, unity, togetherness, children or that your hard work is about to come to fruition. See what I mean? It's a good one! This card very often shows up for new love when I'm reading for someone single. It will often refer to a summer event but you will need to keep an eye out for your own signs with this card. But no doubt about it, it'll be a sign that you want to see! 

(If you like the Rider Waite deck and find it easy to interpret you may like to try to Mystic Dreamer tarot cards. They are beautifully illustrated and great for intuitive readers.)

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