Wednesday, 12 May 2010

The Meaning of each tarot card - The Moon

The moon tarot card is number 18 and is a very deep and meaningful card so it can really make you stop and think. I associate it with some very deep and mysterious fears so in order to find out the root cause of them, you're likely to have to go quite far back. They are also fears that won't always link to the actual problem so you're going to need to really soul search. But when you hit upon the problem, there'll be no looking back. 

This card, linked with the above interpretation, can also indicate that imaginative thinking is needed. So in other words, think out of the box when the Moon shows. A little extra effort now is going to set you on a whole new path. 

(For the perfect set for the beginner tarot reader, I recommend the Angel Tarot by Nikita Arnett. It is beautiful, simply to interpret and also good for meditation.)

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