Sunday, 25 October 2009

How Do Tarot Readings Work?

Tarot readings can be exciting, insightful, instructive and even fun. But one thing they can also often be is confusing. This is often down to a misunderstanding over how the cards work and what they can offer you. I would like to give you some tips on the process that goes into your tarot readings, how the cards are working for you and what you should expect.

1) Tarot readings are not necessarily the same as psychic readings. Many readers will of course have psychic abilities and will use these to get further information for you. But the cards themselves will not provide specifics and details of your situation. Check this out with your reader before you get started.

2) It is essential that your tarot reader be open and ready to channel energies - this much I’m sure is obvious! But it is also important that you are too. If you are feeling distracted or tired then it may not be the right time for a tarot reading and it would be better to reschedule if possible. This is because you could unknowingly be blocking the flow of the reading and will therefore not be getting the best experience.

3) Tarot readings work best when you do not feed the reader all the details of your circumstances. This is more common than you might think and stems from the fact that the querant can be keen to see a particular outcome in the cards. This is understandable but is not giving the reading the chance it deserves. So try to keep specifics to yourself until such a time as it not effecting the reading.

4) This may seem like a contradiction of the above point, but bear with me! It is also common for those having a reading to not let on anything personal, keeping all reactions and comments back. This is absolutely fine if this is your wish and it not wrong in any way. I would just like to add though, that you must be prepared to interpret the information that comes from the cards yourself. If the reader is unaware of the area of your life that the energies are coming from, they will not be able to help you make sense of it I’m afraid. So, I repeat, there is nothing wrong in holding back all information, but it does mean that the burden of understanding things falls more on you than it otherwise might.

5) Rather than focusing on the outcome of one particular scenario, use the cards to look at several paths or options that you might have. For example, if you need to make a decision on a job change, ask the cards what will happen if you get a promotion but also alternatively where the opportunities lie if you don’t. The cards will be able to guide you through all of the openings that are possible for you in your life, investigating more than one option.

I hope this has given you food for thought regarding future tarot readings. Feel free to leave me any questions!

Elizabeth x

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