Sunday, 15 November 2009

Mind Reading Vs Tarot Reading

I was talking to a fellow tarot reader last week and she said something that I thought was really spot on. She said that she often felt it necessary to inform people when she was giving a reading that she was a tarot reader, not a mind reader! This is actually a really important distinction and is a lot more helpful to the querant than it may at first appear. So here’s how this will help you…

I will go more into detail on how the tarot cards work as I update my blog but in order to see the reason that my friend was so right it is necessary to briefly look at what the tarot cards offer. They will give you guidance and help through emotional times, look at various outcomes for different actions taken and can help you see the way forward through difficult circumstances. They are an aid to help navigate your way through the more tricky patches in life, to throw you a life line!

Tarot readers may also possess psychic skills, or be clairvoyant or clairsentient - these abilities can help them gain a more in depth look at the details of your situation. Such details may come to the reader in a flash/thought, an image or a symbol. But beware someone who claims to be able to look inside of the heads of those you are interested in, to give you specifics on timings. The cards do not work with such guarantees as free will and choices always play a part along with actions (both yours and others.)

The brilliance of the tarot falls in the divine wisdom that it gives you access to and not everything is revealed at once if it is felt you need to unfold the situation, to understand the complexities of it. To be honest, understanding this is much more likely to help you in the long run than the simple facts of what someone else is doing, thinking or feeling at that precise moment.


Elizabeth x

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