Sunday, 29 November 2009

Rev Up a Tarot Reading!

Have you ever had a tarot reading that you’re unhappy with? How did that make you feel? No doubt it made you feel flat and a bit let down - and this would be the natural response. There is nothing like the thrill of an energising connection with a reader to make you feel good about your future and nothing like the lack of one to bring you down with a bump.

However, don’t feel powerless as all is not lost. There are actually ways to rev up a reading! You are after all, half of the people involved and even better, in terms of subject matter, it’s all about you! So don’t underestimate how you can contribute. Here’s a few pointers to help:

  • Ask questions. If you feel the reader is heading in the wrong direction, it may be that s/he is actually picking up on the right energies but has not quite got a handle on the area that it relates to. This can happen. Now is not the time for you to jump in and tell them everything however! Confirm if you feel something is relevant and ask questions to help focus the direction, to take it to what you are interested in investigating

  • If you having a general reading, be genuinely open. It is most often best not to opt for this in the hope that you get a reading relevant to your relationship as this can lead to disappointment. Again - it’s your reading! If you want to know about your relationship, simply ask :)

  • If you have a specific question, make sure you are focused on this when you ask. No need to tell your reader the details of what you are concentrating on, just do it to build up the energies between you. Your dedication will be appreciated and even worked with by your reader.

  • Strike up a general, albeit brief conversation. You are paying to have a reading and will not want to take up the time having a chit chat about what was on TV last night. That said, by being warm and friendly with one another, even if it’s not face to face, opens up channels and information is usually shaper for it.

If you put these simple tricks into play, you will not only cut down on feeling disappointment from the occasional slow tarot reading but in fact find that you can get even more out of the already good ones!

L&L Elizabeth xxx

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