Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Readings of Inner Strength

I did an absolute wonderful reading yesterday! By which I mean that I thoroughly enjoyed it and really connected with this lovely, warm young woman. It was an absolute pleasure. The reason for this was because she was someone who had frankly had more than her fair share of problems in life (and the cards hinted at much more than she was going to let on) but she had such energy, such a go-getting attitude it was clear that she was going to be ok in the end. This girl had real mettle!

And the cards that came up around this were ones of turning life around. Tarot cards such as the magician which indicates a need to start taking control, grabbing the reigns of her own life. The reason that this was such an exciting reading to do was because she was so truly open to this and deep down had an unshakeable faith that she could do it.

I so often read for people that have been through tough times and sadly have no fight left. It is so heartbreaking to see cards coming up, revealing an inner strength and capability that they just don’t realise is there. The cards show the potential but you have a saddening feeling throughout the reading that the querant is just not going to see this. And self belief is totally paramount.

So if you are feeling down or despairing and choose to go for a reading, firstly be assured that is your time and not a place where you will be judged. But don’t dismiss the cards that show you have power and strength. You may not feel like it now and it may be too early for you to start to access these abilities. But be open to them - the cards are showing you that YOU are the real key to your future.

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