Monday, 23 November 2009

Tarot Readings, Not Fairy Tales

Just wanted to share a tarot reading story with you from yesterday. I did a reading for an absolutely lovely lady that I’ve actually done a number of tarot readings for before and I find her warm, caring and engaging - in short I really like talking to her. However, I’m not always comfortable reading for her!

How come? Much as I like her, there are times when she is not after a tarot reading, she is after a fairy tale. I have to work hard to get across the true meanings of the cards to her as she prefers to interpret them her own way, seeing only what she wants. I totally understand why she’s doing this. She is vulnerable in many ways and life is not going well for her. She wants the cards to sooth her worries and show her that things are going to be ok.

She’s not alone, I am always having to remind people that the wisdom of the cards is what you should put your faith in, not your imagination. Ultimately of course, you will benefit so much more from following the divine guidance even if it shows you that you have tough decisions to make or hard work is needed. And gaining insight in order to benefit your future is the great gift that the tarot has to offer.

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