Saturday, 21 November 2009

Learning to Read Tarot Cards

Further to yesterday’s blog on interpreting tarot cards, I’m going to take this a little wider and look at learning to read tarot cards in general. This is because there is much more to it than just what you make of the imagery on the cards.

Learning to read tarot cards will challenge you on many levels. It should bring out psychic abilities and open your mind up to the mysteries of life. But also you need to work on acceptance and tolerance if you are wanting to read for other people, to learn to be understanding but also to avoid falling into the trap of giving too much advice. Here’s a brief look at some of these points:

Psychic Abilities
You do not need to have training or experience in psychic abilities in order to read the cards, but you will find that some work on what learning the tarot cards will bring out in you is necessary. Many thoughts and images will flood into your mind as you progress and it can be a little scary at first. You will grow in confidence and will start to have the confidence to go with these messages, but it can take time to recognise them.

Life’s Mysteries
If your learning to read tarot cards, chances are you are also interested in other mystical aspects of life! Take this as far as you can. Combining your reading with astrology, or pendulum work will bring extra energy and dynamism to your reading and open up insights that you may have otherwise missed.

Acceptance of Other’s Ways
When learning to read tarot cards, you may start to come across aspects of other people’s lives that you have not yet encountered and you may be a little shocked! You have personal reasons for not liking their behaviour or choices that they have made. But it is NOT your role as a tarot reader to judge. Leave this behind and focus on what the cards are giving you.

Be Understanding But Impartial
Sometimes, the querant can be vulnerable and in a state of emotional distress. Of course you will want to show them some kindness and offer comfort if you can, and this is fine. It is part of giving them the opportunity to trust in you. Sometimes you may find that people are vulnerable when they don’t appear to be, for example if they are aggressive, but they still deserve your understanding.

What you must be careful of however, is offering your personal opinion. They have come to you for a tarot reading and are looking for the guidance that the cards are offering. Even if you have been through something similar, stick to what the cards are showing them is the right course of action. It can be hard to detach yourself at first, but in my experience the tarot cards are always right in the long run so you can put your total faith in them!

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