Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Understanding the Meaning of Tarot Cards

Understanding the meaning of tarot cards could be more accurately described as understanding the true spirit of the tarot cards. I was talking about the need to use your intuition before and also that it is necessary to learn the basic meanings of the cards. But I’d like to discuss how the meanings of the cards can shift and adapt. At first this is likely to seem so confusing that you think you’re never going to understand it! But it is where the beauty of the tarot lies; it’s wisdom is far reaching. To root yourself only in the literal meanings that you get from books is to only experience a fraction of what you could or should.

To help make this clearer, let‘s use the example of Jane, a fictional querant. She wants a reading on her relationship and one of the cards that you have drawn for her is the tower card. Here are some of the things you should be looking for when getting a true understanding of the meanings of her tarot cards.

1) The tower card is a major arcanA card. This means this has more meaning and weight than minor aracanA cards and is going to be highly influential on surrounding cards in the spread. It is setting a tone.

2) Now consider the basic meaning of the tower card. This shows upheaval, disruption and potential heartbreak. So not always a popular card! However, it is in the next 2 points that the true art of reading comes alive.

3) Look at the position of the card. Is it representing Jane’s past or is it an outcome of a situation? If this is about her past then you need to talk to Jane about letting go or working through some issues of past hurt. If it is to do with the outcome, bearing in mind we are looking at her relationship, there are some serious issues to be addressed as a split seems possible. However, even now it is too soon to come to conclusions. Which leads to point 4...

4) Interpretation is where you find your true understanding of the meanings of the tarot cards. To find the tower card as an outcome in Jane’s relationship reading seems very negative. But this is where the cards may be offering guidance. Look at the following cards. Are they showing something more positive? It is common for the tower card to show that the current behaviour of the querant is likely to lead to heartbreak - which actually leaves room for changing, working on what needs to be done and repairing the damage. In these circumstances, far from being negative, Jane has been given guidance on how to make her relationship stronger.

So far from being set in stone, understanding the meanings of tarot cards is flexible, far reaching and above all, beautiful! This is why I consider it to be a craft, something that takes time and patience to become accomplished in. If you are prepared to persevere, this wisdom will soon start to become part of you.

More tomorrow!

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